Devils Slide Part II

This post is a second in a tiny series (or stages) of my recollection of last weekend’s trip to Lewiston for the Devils Slide Mountain Bike Race. This is the first race of the season and it was a great time. We left off picking up keys to the cabin.

The cabin wasn’t ready and I jumped to a quick conclusion because I really wanted to go riding. I assumed that if we waited for the cabin I wouldn’t get out on the trails until late. I had some “tweaks” to do to the bike before launching onto the trails. After a little pow wow O realized that we could still get it done by just going into town for a hour and then ascend upon ol “Tamany Lodge“.

In two hours time I was adjusting my grips, tuning up the bike, checking air pressures, and trying to decide how I would carry my tools for 2010. Some big decisions were made and we were off. Sleeveless in Idaho. The temps were in the 70s.

The pre ride was great and we even went exploring on some single track below the bluffs. A great summer like ride on some interesting trails. I even witnessed a ballet like move by Ross on the Devils Slide as he pulled a move to avoid a certain faceplate. It was quite poetic and I got it on film. This morning I lost that footage. It mysteriously got corrupted in transit to my computer (reason for the late blog).

After the riding was finished and the action wipes dispensed we embarked on a long walk to discover in more detail our surroundings. I learned that Lewis and Clark really didn’t have a good doctor and the pills they were using for stomach distress almost killed them. Yea! We found a interpretive trail.

The day ended with a reading from A Tale of Two Cities. What better way to relax … right? We cooked brats over a campfire and chatted about the up and coming season. A perfect day and the race on Sunday was already a success.

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