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This is part 15 in a series of blog posts that I am dedication to my favorite photos of 2009. Today’s inductee and now a resident in my “Lakes” photo album is “Peace“. I took this photo July 28th, 2009 at 4:07 PM with my big Canon SLR.

Could I use a little Peace today. Current events have me unable to sleep and I am contemplating giving up relationships, societal requirements, and my job to go to this place of Peace.

I was trying to get back to the lodge last July when the sickness I had required me to stop by the roadside to take a break from concentrating on the road and the consistent nausea. I found a little turn out and refuge. This scene made me feel better actually and I was able to continue shortly after taking this shot.

I took a mandatory break last night on my training ride out to Clinton. The one time I put a tube in my tire (to lazy to run Stans) I got a flat. Only 9 minutes down the road. Welcome back to tire/tube life again

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