This is part 12 in a series of blog posts that I am dedication to my favorite photos of 2009. Today’s inductee and now a resident in my “Mountains” photo album is “Thrust“. I took this photo Jul 28, 2009 at 1:40 PM at the same time as yesterday’s photo. I know, posting the same photo twice is boring but it really isn’t the same photo. This one was shot with my  Canon EOS 10D because I wanted to get across that meadow to capture the mountain.

Another photo taken after the 24 Solo worlds on my sightseeing day. I really wish I could go back but not today. It is sunny here in Missoula and the skies are blue. There is no need to find a better place as this is it. I don’t know how I will utilize the day but I am sure I can come up with something.

Yesterday I did my 20 minutes threshold test up route 12 from Lolo. I warmed up and noticed that riding was effortless. i was really going to have a great time trial. About 30 minutes from Lolo I launched my effort.

I flew and I covered more ground then ever before. I swear I averaged 28 miles an hour uphill in full knobby tires. I cooled down and stopped to turn around at the 20 mile mark. I thought, “Wow! Nice! 40 miles in 2 hours, that’s cooking on this cross bike”. Then I turned to head back and it hit me.

Rarely does the wind blow from Lolo West. Yesterday decided to mix things up and fool anyone out on route 12. I passed a flag completely unfurled and whipping in the wind. I knew my return trip would be a slow one.

Then I met up with my friend Ross and he towed me back into town. Damn wind always humbles me. Better get used to it because the upper plateau at the Devils Slide is windy and the best effort through the wind will win the race.

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