Escaping Reality

Hello from a clear cold Missoula morning that finds me awake at 5 am wondering how I will tackle my latest bill. I got a letter from the IRS last night informing me that I was not taxed enough in 2007. I am supposed to pay the government $700 by the end of the month. This comming on the heels of a $500 bill from Cellular One. Added with a $2000 bill to fix my car it is looking like there will no mountain bike racing in 2010.

Even with rich crooks stealing from me I did have a great evening last night. I rode to my friend Ed’s house after work to join him for a mountain bike ride up Sentinel Mountain. We call this the Treasure Ride but some call it the Windsock. I am enjoying some great power on the bike so I topped out on top of the climb with no dabs. The view of the city at night was beautiful.

Comming down I was pleasantly supprised to learn that Ed was thinking of lenghting the ride by riding out to Deer Creek and around on the Kim Williams Trail. I jumped on the opportunity.

It was a great ride and I hope I can talk someone into mountain biking tonight. I am thinking of riding over the US West Trail and up Marshall Canyon. From there we can do Marshall Grade over to Three Larch. To finish the ride we will come down the Sidewinder Family. Who is in?

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