Time Management

Hello from a place that should not be named. As I sit here I thought it would be mice to post a little informational blog on what is up with the limited posting lately.

A couple weekends ago I did the RMVQ and had a blast. It was my intention to post a blog on how it went. I can’t come up with any good reasons why I have not done that yet although there are plenty.

I have been trying. Every time I fire up the laptop to process the photos, videos, and write a few words about each leg it seems the modern elecronic price of shit crashes and I spend my last valuable moments just trying to get it started again. Sony Vaio … FAIL.

And I guess this brings me to my last big reason for being a slack ass. Time management. I am suddenly bad at it. It seems that all I can get done in a day is feed myself and wipe my as when it comes out.

That reminds me. Better get back to work. Personal ass wiping time has expired.

Posted from iPhone…o/o

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