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Missoula Wed Night Cross

I rode my Leader mountain bike out to Fort Missoula last night for the first installment of this years Missoula Wednesday Night CycloCross Series. I can say this, cross bike are faster and lighter (going over barriers is easier) BUT the mountain bike is WAY more fun. I had a blast and even went well enough for around 6th place. 6th place is only a guess as I saw a 3 man group at the front and two stragglers between us.

I spotted a team issue Fisher and knew Sam Shultz was there. This confirmed that I was to only have fun and not get all competitive, otherwise this guy would make me look like a snail. So we danced and I had a blast. It seemed that in the corners and technical stuff I was so much faster but on the open fields and road I was WAY slower. Big knobs on the pave is quite hard! At the end I caught up with Mike Longmire and my MTB friends the Thayers

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