Thursday Night Ride Report

The Missoula Thursday Night Ride once again lived up to its potential. There was single track, beer, and Ice Cream. Doesn’t that cover all the bases?

Our route started at the Rattlesnake Rec Area Trailhead and we hit the Spring Gulch trails up to the top of Turkey Run. Mostly climbing I found myself pumping out frustrations of the currents events with my car and cancellation of Stone Temple 8. Once on top though I was basking the the sunset with friends planning our post ride activities.

We bombed down to the trail head and quickly gathered into small groups, some in cars, some riding. We headed to Rattlesnake Gardens where we put down some Double Hauls, Cold Smokes, and other assorted tall cans of beer.

Then it was of to Big Dipper to test out the latest Cold Smoke Ice Cream. I was overcome with the desire for a double scoop and opted for a Ginger scoop and a Double Haul scoop. I actually ended up taking the last bit of Ginger so my TNR mates were a little angered at me. I shared and ate most of it. Ginger is real strong but good none the less. The Cold Smoke was awesome. Not too  strong like I thought but almost like a vanilla flavor with a overtone of hops

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