Beacon Ride TNR Report

Ok so the above photo was not taken last night but it was recently and on the same trail that the Thursday Night Ride did last night. We were 7 strong when we met in town to do the prologue up the Fire Road and into Crazy Canyon. By the time we reached the Crazy Canyon Trailhead I counted over 25 people milling about in the parking lot. Some were friends and some from other groups but one thing was certain, last night was a good night for mountain biking.

The group split up a little as some were actually with another group and some of us just were kind of off on another trail for some reason or the other. Soon we were all on the climb up University Mountain and we all strung out all over the mountain as we displayed our numerous abilities to climb. Zephanie and I gradually caught everyone by the end of the climb and proceeded to do some extra climbing while we waited at the top. Both times she kicked my rump to the top but only because I reached my workout threshold and had to slow down.

I have been out of Carbo Rocket since last weekend so I started to lag by now and this is a good thing because I realized how the stuff keeps me fueled and not only that refreshed and consistently recovered.

We all descended the ridge and the flowers were out in a powerful force of beauty. Most everyone managed to go down the headwall near the end of the ridge and most impressively was Zephanie as she had NO rear brake

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