Barking Spider This Weekend

bsI still have three work outs and a bike tune up to do before I leave but I am planning on leaving around 4 to drive to Boise for the Barking Spider.

So I’ll be packing up  Carbo Rocket, printing out some Butte 100 Flyers, shaking out my Team Muleterro kit, and preparing my Turner from Red Barn Bikes for its first road trip. Here is the current plan.

  1. Getting my racing license today (hopefully) and printing a “right to ride” coupon.
  2. Leave for Boise at 4 down route 12 (hoping the passes are clear).
  3. Sleep in back of VW.
  4. Race at Barking Spider @ Experts (3 laps) – 12:30pm
  5. Leave race venue by 5 and drive towards Butte.
  6. if I make it to Butte … good … if not sleep in back of VW
  7. SUNDAY, ride at Pipestone in the AM (WHAT TIME?)
  8. Be home Sunday afternoon to get chores done and unpack … WHEW
  9. Are grocery stores open Easter’s evening.

Let me know yours if our paths will cross!

Your Thoughts

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