Got Action Wipes

A couple weeks ago I was listening to the FredCast Podcast and herd an interview that David B had with Martha Van Inwegen, creator of Action Wipes. My ears perked not only because these two meet each other on Twitter but because she was describing a product withTea Tree Oil and Eucalyptus Oil, both of which I use to “freshen up” after rides and use in my bath and shower. I was all a-twitter (just had to say that) and followed her Twitter account.

I think this product is perfect for the ultra endurance MTB scene specifically 24 hour racing. Probably could be the most important piece of equipment one could use. The interface between seat and arse must be kept happy … right?

I shared my thoughts with her and next thing I know I have Action Wipes in my commuting bag.  Check it, I posted a photo on theFriends of Action Wipes!

I cant wait for the 24 Hours of Rapeljie, I will be the most comfy person out there. And … all my trips to Pipestone this time of year to mountain bike I don’t have to worry about sitting all the way home and developing a problem.  It will be on the checklist for the worlds for sure.

Your Thoughts

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