2009 OSCR 50K Race Report

My 3rd year traveling to Seeley Lake Montana started out real well but by the end of the day I was a broken man. My skis were actually broken and contributed to my demise. I crossed the line a full 1 hour behind last years personal best in a time of 4 hours and 29 minutes 4:27:52 (2007, 2008). It was a brutal day.

Things started off in true Montana fashion as I became late arriving at the venue due to a cattle drive on the highway. It bothered me that the cattle were getting in more miles on the road than I would today. I arrived and greeted all people I knew and met a couple I have yet to meet.  It looked to be a good day and we were off. I was in the rear relaxed and confident in my body because of all the core work I have been doing.

Some one asked me if I was worried that I had not only trained three times on skis this year and I said that I was doing a lot of core

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