Bridgemaxx Drops Me


Yesterday I was deathly ill and my internet connectivity kept going out.  This morning I have no internet and the future is bleak. is my service provider and I am warning anyone that considers these snake oil salesman.  Don’t listen to the radio or TV ads, Bridgemaxx is the absolute worst ISP in the country.  The worst!  Do not sign up with them!

Previously I had them come to my apartment and install a outside antenna.  This got me in trouble with the landlady and the result is that when it is uninstalled I have to pay to have her house restored to previous or better condition. Legally I have to replace her siding where ever there is screw holes and a new porch where they drilled a hole. This will be pretty expensive and I was hoping to do it on my own terms.

That will not happen because I don’t want to keep paying my bill to Bridgemaxx since I am getting no service.  This means they are coming out to take down the antenna and thus …. I bend over for the landlady-fix-my-house screwing.

Oh yea, and … my cards are maxed. I am taking pay cuts at work due to days off and no work in this great economy. The light at the end of the tunnel keeps dimming.

So when the readers of my blog think … “geesh, where is Bill”.  This entry will explain, I have no more internet. Great reason to be at City Brew more, right?

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