Scone Withdrawals

Woke up this morning feeling like I got ate by a wolf and shat over a cliff.  All day at work I suffered from a little fatigue (good stuff) and a deep yearning for some scones and coffee.  I don’t know why, maybe I am having sugar withdrawals from being on the new diet for three weeks.

Riding my bike home it got sketchy and it took me a long time due to alternate routes to avoid traffic.  The snowy roads started to break up and the new chemical they put on the roads now make the snow almost like a mud smoothie.  The bike just drifts on about three inches of this stuff.  At times I thought I was going to slide into rapidly moving traffic. After a scary half hour I arrived at home.

So tonight’s work out was tough.  Just getting started sucked but soon I was in a groove and hammering some simulated hill sprints. I just put down some grilled salmon and I tell ya

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