I have not been on the bike for over a week. It is not that I don’t want to it is just that I figure I needed a break from the old saddle before hitting it hard core for next years ultra endurance racing.

Tonight after work I could not work out because I had to wait on the Bridgemaxx tech to install my external antenna. Then after he got it in I had to test it out. A little faster and no jitter which means I now have a phone 322 DIRT.

I wanted to get on the trainer tonight but getting the winter training apparatuses from the closet I realized there was some working to do.

  1. Mount slick on backup cross wheel for trainer.
  2. Mount old cross tires on townie bike.
  3. Find that damn skewer that is special for the trainer.
  4. Give up of finding thee skewer and rig a make shift one.
  5. Mount bike onto trainer.
  6. Get out new bike computer (cadence and speed).
  7. Realize that I need at least 5 zip ties.
  8. Also realize I don’t have 5 zip ties.
  9. Give up till tomorrow.

So as I picked up the phone to call mom and dad for tonight’s chat I sat on the couch to type up this blog. No workout tonight.

I wonder what Suzy is doing right now!

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