Holloman Saddle Got Cold Last Night

Hello from Missoula Montana where my toes finally have thawed out from last nights adventure with my buddy Garland. The sun is out and I am about to embark on a ride with my fellow TNR riders but I thought I would drop in and post a quickie blog because I like this photo.

“Deep woods, dark, scary …. long trails with numerous opportunities to get lost forever. Cold, freezing water bottles, toes and fingers to the point of frostbite …” ~me

So we took off from Clinton (route sheet) and rode up to Holloman Saddle.  From there we took to the ridge and headed over to Miller Peak.  Just before getting to the mountain we cut down and found a logging road home.  First though, we had to go down …. then up. By that time we were froze and G’s light was kind of inadequate.

Soon we were bombing down Sammy B trails and into town.  We didn’t see any wildlife until we arrives on Higgins where we saw some deer …. go figure. My new lights …. ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!

I wonder if anyone is going to get lost in the RMVQ?

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