Lost But BBQ On The Wind Brings Me Home

Good … day … where did morning go? I seem to lose time and space lately.  Along with no motivation I find that my memory is shot.  I cant remember names or what I just did. I am glossed over and in auto pilot.

I think it is like a movie that you take certain scenes from until it doesn’t make any sense. My companion Marcy has been taken out of my movie and nothing makes sense. I cant believe she is gone.

There is hope as I smell a BBQ coming up this weekend and a epic ride as well.  Just what the doctor ordered, a race, BBQ, and singletrack weekend. Contact me for details!

Last night I set out aimlessly to pre ride legs 5 and 6 of the RMVQ. I rode from work to Check Point 4 (point six road gate) which is about 12.3 miles and took me almost an hour due to a beast of a headwind.  I did not feel comfortable and wished I would of just went home.

Leg 5 runs up to the Snow Lodge on top of Snow Bowl in 6.8 miles and 2,903 feet of climbing. I figured about 45 minutes but soon I found myself in difficulty and struggled to make it in an hour and 15 minutes.  Now I am thinking that the RMVQ will take longer then I thought.  Maybe not even possible.

Leg 6 is the decent down to the lodge via the Beargrass Highway.  It is a sweet trail and I started to regain my mojo.  Finally I wanted to be there riding … just where I needed to be at that time.  I started to look forward to this weekend and my friends. I descended to the Ravine Trailhead (check point 6) in a little over 44 minutes for the 11.4 downhill trek.

Not feeling very good any longer I pedaled my aching body Z(I think the loss physically beat me up) back to town and was home 10.8 miles later. In all I had trekked 41.3 miles and climbed 4,000 feet in 3.5 hours.

Tonight is TNR and this weekend is a mountain bike race (the muletrain is reportedly coming) and friends.  An epic to Sheep is on tap for Sunday … who is in?  Stand up and be counted!

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