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Back From Big Sky

Good morning from Missoula Montana where I just got done posting my race report to the team web site and posting photos of this weekends great camping trip. I see Pabby has stopped by the lodge to catch up!  Hey man!  Word?

I raced in the Lone Peak Revenge at Big Sky and placed 4th.  Most importantly I went out at a reasonable pace and had a real fun and strong race.  Things are coming around since the Butte 100.  Time for another tough one this weekend.  My plans are to do the 8 Hours of Labor in Butte.  Should be a fun race!

The best part of the weekend was camping with some great friends and doing some extra curricular riding up on Garnet Mountain once again.  It is a great little single track coming off of that beast.

The weekend was not without its mishaps as just before returning home my hammock broke free and I plunged down upon a rack smacking myself in the back.  I yelled like a baby and wriggled around in pain.  I am pretty sore this morning and not getting around so quickly.

Who is going to the race this weekend?

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