Bad Shepard's

2008_08_19_shepards_danger So yea! There I was, cycling home after a recovery ride with my friend Garland. The air had cleared and we took a jaunt out to Miller Creek Valley. Mr G went on to do a longer ride and I headed home for some recovery when it happened. [Photo Gallery]

I hit 39th street, one of my favorite streets.  I like it because it has a divider and big bike lanes. Its more like a boulevard. Champs de Higgi! I was riding without thinking, just relaxing, then something brought me out of my stupor and also the bike lane.

It was all automatic.  I saw some parked vehicles and so I went around them.  What I didn’t know was that I was entering the anti bike zone. 

It seems that motorists hate the bike lane so much that when they see a cyclist come out of the lane they figure that the son of a bitch is fair game.  So I was assaulted and at one point I thought I was going to get beat to a pulp by a bunch of angry motorists.  What happened?

The Good Shepherds Children Center. 2321 39th St. 829-3404 apparently had some sort of meeting and all those rich shepherds (deduced from all the SUVs), being above the law (won’t say anything about a religion organization), parked in the bike lane.  They thought, “wow, a lane just for me”.

I wonder how many cyclist put their lives in danger because of these jerks?  Save the children, kill the cyclist! If these are shepherds I sure would hate to meet the wolves.

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