Sheep Mountain Ride

Hello from Missoula this morning as I notice a column of smoke drifting above Lolo Peak area. So far the summer it has been perfect with awesome clear days.  Yesterday Dave C and I took advantage of the perfect day and climbed the Sheep Mountain Trail.

Photos are better than any ol blog. Hey, check out the photos at my Photo Gallery!

In town it was real hot and maybe it even topped out at 100, I don’t know. I don’t know because it was very nice up at altitude.  We climbed up Sheep in around 3 hours and spent the next two descending back into the furnace.  No worries, it was a nice day.

After I stopped off at the GFS and picked up some Huckleberry ice cream, potato chips, and some other supplies for my post ride festivities. I proceeded to go home, close the shades and eat all said materials while watching the Olympics.  It was a very relaxing evening, except for one leg cramp.

Well I think I have successfully fried my body this weekend and since it was for the sole purpose of recovering the hope of top performance for a while has been diminished behind a curtain of mountain biking ballyhoo! I love it.

Any one interested in Camping, racing, and riding in the Big Sky area this weekend.  lets talk!

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