After Work Series #1 After the Butte 100, Livin a Lie

Yo Missoula Sheepheads and Ed S … sup?  Thanks for your kind words.

The lie is that I could race 4 days after a 10 hourrace fest in Butte [vid]. It is a perfect summer morning in Missoula as I sit here exhausted, wondering what I have to wrap duct tape around to get to ride tonight.  My body hurts, my bike is falling apart at the seams, and I cant seem to find any sleep. Where are my shoes?  What did I do with my car? No worries, don’t need it anyway.

Race map.

I knew I could not go hard but a serious fast guy named Sam Schultz showed up and took off.  Just for giggles I bridged up to him on the initial climb to put in a vote to go slower.  Nothing doing! He stood up to go a little faster and I drifted back to the next group for tea and biscuits. That kind of stuff is NOT recommended after an ultra endurance race!

The group included other super stars as well.  Zephanie B (Team Quickrelease) and Dave C (Bedrock and Paradox) were putting it down in the dirt and after we shot the breeze and drank some Kettle House Brews …. Best part of the night.

So for two laps I hung out, chased squirrels(literally, one even dared me to come up the tree to get him, … jerk). On the third lap I figured why not and busted out a pretty fast lap, climbing well, to get a good 10 minute gap on all others.  The downhill really sucked.  I mean if the single track was solid it would be good but it was comprised of sandy, gravel stuff.  Many times the new trail just gave way and I went bushwhacking. Terrible terrible downhill.  It really needs some traffic and rain.

Tonight is the TNR, who is going?

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