Blog From Camp

The river is rushing with its soothing but thundering sound. I hear crickets in the background and the occasional swoosh of a passing car. The tent is without it’s fly affording me a complete view of the starry night sky. I am ready to doze off between the dark canyon walls.

We are about 30 minutes out of Salmon and we found a spot near the river just off the road. It is Sten and I as we are heading toward Galena for the Grinder Marathon MTB Race.

For supper we had some cheese and bread along with some chips and salsa. Being an air-head I forgot my olive oil so cheese had to do.

In addition to that I forgot Marcy’s collar and she is running wild. Seems I forgot a lot of things.

Tomorrow we hope to get to Galena early to do some easy riding to tune up the body and prepare for the race.

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