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Missoula, Bozeman, Bitterroot

The sun is out and the day is fine here in Missoula Montana as I await the arrival of my parents.  If you are a Web Lodge follower you know that I haven’t posted anything lately because I have been extremely busy.  I did manage to upload photos to 3 galleries today.

July in Missoula : Mostly blog photos, these images are taken during the great month of July here in beautiful Missoula Montana. The best one is of a shot I took on a training ride up the Rattlesnake.  I stopped at Franklin Bridge and took some nice photos of the creek.

Bozeman Mountain Biking : After the Bohart Bash I stayed in Bozeman to take in the local single track and riding with some Muleterro team mates. Great times! After the race we attempted to fit everyone on one BMX bike and to ride it to Lincoln’s house.  We were successful.

The next day we headed out to Garnet Mountain.  It was a decent climb and the views were awesome.  The ride down the mountain was the best as I rode some of the best single-track I have ever done.  There is this one part that you are so scared that when you make it to the other side alive you feel so exhilarated.

Bitterroot Ballyhoo : This is what I called the weekend were I met up with friends and camped at Painted Rocks Lake in the Bitterroot. Paul and I arrived to a huge thunderstorm and by the next day as Sten arrived he was announcing more bad storms.

At the end of our first mountain bike ride it was evident that he may be a little mis-informed.  Even though our ride was cut short due to an impending thunderstorm the rest of the weekend was great.

Ronnie meet up with us for a barbeque and feast after our first full day there (day two).

On day three we did the porcupine trail and it took us most of the day.  It was an awesome adventure that saw me ripping my sidewall and fixing a flat.  The day was perfect and we hogged out at the campfire that night.

Day four had Sten and I exploring before we spit ways and all headed home.  It was a great time.

This weekend …. Camping with parents at Lake Como … Wanna go?

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