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TNR Snow Bowl

Thursday Night Ride Last Night

Last night we had a “pretty good turnout” and we rode at Snow Bowl.

I think everyone was chomping at the bit to ride up the single track but I was in the mood to do my own thing so I headed up the access road.  I looked back and everyone was following to the dismay of some riders.

I continued up towards Point Six and then headed back down to the A frame hut where everyone was gathering.  We took some group shots (Check out Julie’s photos) and then headed off to the single track decent.

Twenty minutes later I was putting my bike into the car.  We gathered for chips and beer including a contest to see who was freezing the most.  I won that one.

Bohart Bash This Weekend

I am just about out the door at work to pick up Marcy and some other stuff for a drive to Bozeman.  I will be staying with a friend and Muleterro team member.

Fitness wise I am worn out but hope to recover to race tomorrow.  If that doesn’t work, no big deal as I am keying in on the Galena race.

I am hoping to stay until Sunday where I will partake in some local Bozeman trails with Sten. Yeahaah!

Big Sky State Games Next Weekend

To make stress even worse for me I found out that the Big Sky State Games have decided to include Mountain Biking so I immediately sighed up for it. I felt pressured because the deadline ends soon.  So now I am headed to Billings this next weekend.  To make things even more interesting my parents are visiting and now I am suddenly thrust into the “bad child” role because I am not sticking around to visit with family.  Oh well, I am keying in on the Galena race.

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