Vision Quest – Another Piece Added

Last night I did Leg 11 and Leg 12 to CP 12 (Swinging Bridge).  I took some shots for my Photo Gallery  and for the map and even started a page. I left late and got home around 10 so I am dead tired today. Turns out Leg 12 is 11.7 miles and all downhill.  I can not believe all the hairpin corners on the Woody Mountain Downhill (backwards).  The swinging bridge was much more scary that I remember.  Specially with the high water.  I saw the bear that belongs to the tracks that the Thursday Night Ride saw last weekend.  My first bear sighting for 2008.

Tonight is the Thursday Night Ride and I am super excited because Paul rides his new rig for the first time.  Better take my camera.  Anyone want to go?

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