Julie Wins TNR Raffle

Last night was a huge turnout for the Thursday Night Mountain Bike Ride at Blue Mountain. I just posted my photos of the night and I am sure there will be more to come from others.  There were 14 of us (according to the photo below) and at the end we held a raffle for a new Ritchey tire. Julie won the raffle as her ticket was pulled from Marcy’s dog dish.

2008_05_08_tnr_9_1 2008_05_08_tnr_9_3

When I arrived at the parking lot I was the first one there but was horrified to find out I forgot my water bottles.  I rode down to Peak Fitness to get water.  They did not have water bottles and sold me to bottled waters at $1.00 a piece. When I got back to the car there were riders galore.

2008_05_08_tnr_9_10 2008_05_08_tnr_9_13

We all headed out to do our classic Hayes point loop. Everyone stayed together and there were numerous opportunities to stop and chat. We did some family photos on top and made it back to the cars with the entire group intact about 2 hours later. The trails were I good shape given the spring that we have had.

I am going to Belt tomorrow for a road race and a camp out afterwards, anyone want to go? In the meantime … still coughing, wheezing, and aching!

Common Questions on Battling a Cold:

  • How come after taking a dose of Robitussin you start coughing even worse?
  • How come when you get sick the sun comes out and it is nice?
  • How come you seem to pull muscles from “resting”?
  • Where am I? How much Robitussin is too much?

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