Snowing On Our Ride

Last night’s Thursday Night Ride out at the Blue Mountain Rec Area had about 9 of us.  I started out with 6 and we meet up with three others (The Browns).  It was nice to see Ross, Emily, and Lydia … all in one ride.  Cool! We had a split up when one of us flatted and after that I just did small loops with a sub group of Ross and Emily. I know it appears like only two riders but these are the only two photos that turned out.  Check out the TNR Photos!

Devils Slide This Weekend

Tomorrow I team up with some friends for a LONG AWAITED race weekend. We are going to Lewiston Idaho for the Devils Slide Mountain Bike Race.  I am taking my tent and I am soooo excited to hit the dirt on my Leader. It should be a glorious warm weekend to boot!  The season starts now!

Anyone want to go let me know (like it’s too late now but the more the merrier).

Your Thoughts

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