Lost Without a Race

2008_04_06_bike_project_1Hello from a disappointing coffee shop where there is no scones and no wireless (stealing from a electronics store nearby). I have no money so the City Brew with it’s yummy scones and free wireless is out in favor of being treated by a friend to a cup of coffee at a generic corp bean shop. But wait, it gets more disappointing.

The race in Polson today was canceled today due to a blizzard. I had drove all the way up there this morning. I should have read my email before I went up there. So now I sit here blogging with my PDA and enduring snotty coffee wait staff. It seem everyone is ready to kill each other. I just talked to a lady in line and their tennis match was being canceled. This sucks.

So I came back home and ate everything in reach. Then I fell asleep …. and now here I am trying to create something from artificial sunshine (coffee).

I better brave the blizzard outside to go do something … something to salvage the weekend. I think I will give up racing just so I can be more fixable  when life starts to SUCK!

Your Thoughts

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