Clinton Road Race

Yesterday was the seasons first race and it was a road race in Clinton MT.  Mr Jedzilla put me down in the ‘A’ group and I was worried that I would offend or crash the ‘big boy’ peloton.  My goal was to get a 30 minute time trail in so I could gain access to my anaerobic threshold data.  the results were very good … 172 is my at!  Sweet!

2008_03_23_georgetown_lake_ride_11 I just posted photos from last weekends ride from Drummond to Georgetown Lake and beyond. Check them out at My Picassa Gallery, look for ‘March 23, 2008 – Georgetown Lake Ride(27) Mar 23, 2008‘.

Today I hope to do a 1.5 hour fun ride to recover and plan to ride at Bearmouth (hopefully with friends).  Oh yea!  I may get to join a team after all.  I was approached by a member of team NRO and asked to join.  Time will tell … ride hard!

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