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My 'Team' Kit

Today is pay day and I finally renewed my racing license.  Since I could not find any sponsors this year I will belong to Team Un-Attached (self sponsored).  I went out and found the cheapest racing jersey I could find and to the right you can see the team kit. Price Point (link left out – mad at them for not sponsoring me or even getting back to my plea for help) had them for 30 bucks!

The team bottoms are also of Price Point variety as I will place my ass in the cheapest pair of bottoms on the planet.  Lets hope my ass holds up because these bottoms won’t. Un-Attached is what shows up on USA Cycling race results and it means I have no team or club affiliations. We (poor racers) should get a discount on license fees! If it were not for the $90 fee I could of joined a bike club and used the money for dues!  In any case … the season is on baby!  Bring it on … let’s race.

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