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Neuvation Cycling Comes Through

logo_neuvation A while back I was out on a training ride and was coming off the Scott Street Bridge and hit a storm drain hole (here). My brand new Neuvation wheels held up where others would have busted.  When I got home I discovered that I had a flat spot in the rim.  I trued it back up but some spokes were loose and generally made the wheel weak.  For a while now I have consistently tried to keep it true and when riding I can feel a “sway” or “bumpity bumb” in the back.

I decided to write to John Neugent at Neuvation Cycling.  To my astonishment he offered me a refurbished wheel at 50 bucks.  To order a rim and rebuild it would of cost me more I am sure.  If I were to get new ones it would of been 200 or more. Thanks John!

I highly recommend Neuvation Wheels!

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