To Deer Creek and Back

Tonight’s training plan was to do an endurance cross-training (not cycling) workout. I could not help it and when I got home I hopped on my bike and headed up Pattee Canyon. I can still call it cross training because I went with hiking boots and traps.  I knew hiking would be part of the adventure. [map]

Soon the pavement (wow it has been warm) turned to snow at the top of the climb.  This was my goal, to get on to some snow terrain.  Once I arrived at the most South point of the road where it turns back to East Missoula I headed up past the gated road. It was not the snowmobile trail I expected but logging action meant that this road was well traveled.  Perfect!

I did not want to turn around but did. I arrived at the Crazy Canyon Parking Area and headed up that road to the Treasure Trail.  Once on the summer favorite I came back into town finally descending the Fire Road.

I recommend the rout past the gate on the Deer Creek Road as well as the Crazy Canyon Road.  The Treasure Trail will require a true “Fatty” or studded tires (very icy).  The ride was awesome and it brought life back into my training.  Nice to be riding again!

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