Bested My Time in Seeley Lake

DSCF0033 Hello from an undisclosed location in Missoula Montana.  Yesterday I attended the 2008 Ozone Pursuit. My gear was almost like last year’s but this year I had some skate skis given to me by a friend.  I am still not king of the trails but at least they are fun to ski.  The old skate skis were hogs … not fun at all.

Also this year the course was shorter I believe.  Last year I think the race was 10K classic and 10K skate.  This year it was 7K classic and 10K skate.  Still though I have progressed. Lets look at the figures.

Last year my 10K skate (please don’t laugh … its good for me) was 50:47 while this year was an astounding 45:19 (unofficial).  It looks like I took 5 minutes off my time, that’s a minute every 2K.  Sweet! Last year my total time was 1:47:41 and this year we are looking at 1:29:26, like 18 minutes faster.

Even though I am on a ski race terror it doesn’t look like I’ll be making the US ski team anytime soon as most accomplished racers can do that race in under an hour. Next week I think I’ll hit the mountains and do some tele skiing.

Your Thoughts

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