New Tires

Hello! Hunkered down in my basement apartment in Missoula Montana I am waiting for the big storm (check weather).  All the news stations are reporting a big storm that is supposed to dump two feet of snow is on the way.  This is not good news because I leave for East Montana this Saturday (in two days). My last two years have been hell going to Lambert but memorable.  last year I had to get a new set of tires for my car and this year I finished the project by getting another pair to complete the replacement of my tires. Now to just get a new timing belt and new lenses, the car will be back up to snuff.

Last night I did not take my Yak Trax on my run up sentinel and I paid the price.  I slipped and slid around making the decent back to the car very dangerous.  My new running stance (top secret) helped keep my bones from feeling sore.  I ran for 59:37 with the surprising good news that Marcy was able to keep up (good news). Talking about top secret, I did my top secret CORE last night for a half an hour combined with a half hour on the indoor trainer.  I can really feel my power workout last night.  I think a rest day is in order. Tonight if it does snow I will go skiing.

I put in for a sponsorship at Van Dessel Sports (click here to see bike) and requested equipment support.  I soon received a reply from Edwin Bull that at this time of year their sponsorship budget is very tight but he would be happy to offer me their highest pro-deal sponsorship level which is 37% off of listed price. My thoughts on that are if I had $3000.00 to plop down on a bike would I be asking for support.  I will move on and ask others. My dream bike, if I were to win the lottery, is the Gary Fisher SuperFly (take a look).

Take care and remember … pain is only weakness leaving the body!

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