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Laundry Day

Hello from the City Brew coffee house once again. I have the traditional coffee and scone but today I sit in the couch area. The place I usually sit is occupied by ass-holes. Rude people, you know the ones.  Giving you a angry look just because you come in and get online.  People frustrated by the digital age and this morning ready to fight anyone with a computer. Usually I get engrossed in the Internet but this morning they have taken over my usual spot and spread their coats over the areas around them to hopefully prohibit computer users from invading their narrow hall way of a life.

Ahh, and the pros of this morning.  The sun is out and the mountains are white with fresh snow.  It is truly a gorgeous day.

<<moving to another table now>>

I just obtained a table, now I can blog sitting down. As I was blogging … the day is awesome and if the roads were clear I would be hard pressed to stay off of them.  It would be  a great day for a bike ride.  As it is I have laundry to do first and then I may just hit Lolo pass for another ski.

Yesterday I went skate skiing with friend Alden up at Lolo Pass (see web cam) and it was great.  I mounted up some skate skis that he gave me and they worked great.  I can skate with a more erect stance and comfortable glide with minimal effort.  They have truly opened the door for a new found love for skate skiing.  Its is all I want to do right now.  I am thankful for that as there is so much winter left.

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