Seasonal Crud Creeping In

Good morning from my apartment in Missoula Montana.  It is cold outside and we expect significant snow or rain before this weekends state championship cyclocross race.  Last night I was going through the Cross Crusade site. While we may see 50 racers at the most at our cross races they see 5X as many.  Cross is really big in Oregon.

Last night I went out to ride the cross bike and do some AT efforts.  I rode up in the Rattlesnake and utilized some of the pathways that follow Rattlesnake Creek.  I ended up riding to the Jumbo Saddle and doing a short cross loop up there.  It included a long run-up and a med speed decent.  Nothing too hard, just wanted to get in some efforts.  The city lights view was beautiful. The ride only covered 19 miles or so but it was fun and I feel great on the cross bike.  I am still polishing the bike this morning, such a sexy ride!

I have been fighting off some seasonal crud! Recently I have developed some coughing and a mild sore throat. I hope this does not led to anything.  I remember in Plattsburgh once I had the flu and tried to race in the Charlie Mitchell’s Annual Turkey Trot MTB race (would of been cool to have a cross bike).  I lost the race and couldn’t drive home afterwards.  I just remember people coming by my car to see how I was doing.  I was doing terrible.  Ahhh! Good times … aye ROAR?

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