Big Big Efforts

Hello from my apartment (finally) in Missoula Montana. I just woke up from my post trip drive from Kalispell where I attended a great double race weekend of cyclocross, friendships, and extremely painful efforts. This weekend was the “Woodland Cross” race and the “Heron Park Cross Race“. I stayed in Kalispell this weekend at the Grand Hotel with some friends. Natsha Westphal took some great photos of both events (2007WoodlandCross, 2007HerronParkCyclocross).

Saturday I was hopeful that I would have a decent race but I was unprepared for how well I would do and could have done. The course was in a great venue and included some hard run-up features.  Everyone keeps telling me that I should get a better start.  Well I got a better start but I was not responsible enough to use it correctly and in the end was overtaken but other riders that did play their cards right. I took the lead around lap four and lead the next five laps.  I soon wore myself out and was taken advantage of on the last lap and ended up 3rd.

After the race I hooked up with some cool dudes from Bozo, Sten and  Corey of the famed Muleterro team. We scored a decent rate at the Grand in the downtown area.  The hotel was fantastically rustic, old, and had a great Zen to it not to mention the fresh home-made cookies.  We took in some flicks and pounded some Thai food just down the street (I think it was the Thai Palace).

Today’s (Sunday) race was not one that I looked forward to.  The race on Saturday rendered me sore, battered, and infected with all kinds of “Old dude” ailments. But usual races always eventually start and as always I steadily warmed up and started passing folks.  I started in the back of the pack and caught every rider except Doug. Doug just got out a little too far for me to reel him in.  For both races I heard great support from on-lookers and in today’s race they started chanting “The Kaiser” and at the beginning of my attack I heard “warming up the diesel”.  I love it!

So now with the car still un-packed and some health issues I must hit the hay and wish for another day.  What a season I have been having … good times!

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