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Copper Mountain Cross

Hello from my apartment in Missoula Montana.  I just got done unpacking, took a long hot bath, and watched the Packers lose their football game. I just got back from Butte Montana where I attended the first cyclocross race in the MBRA (Montana Bicycle Racing Association) 2007 series.

I traveled to Butte this morning around 8 am and arrived to a brisk 34 degrees.  The sun was out and the day looked to be beautiful.  I must not be ready for the cold as I found it too cold for enjoyment.

The race was soon off and this year I decided to race in the main event group (Mens A,B,C).  I started in last because I did not want to get in the way of any body in real contention.  And off we were.

I was second to last and I enjoyed the large group as we strung out and attacked the first barriers.  It was like poetry, kind of beautiful in a way. I decided as log as everyone stayed together i would follow.  If someone attacked I would try to go with them.

The attack took place on a long stretch of grass just before a real rough downhill section. I tried my best to get by riders that may pose a threat to running into me if the downhill turned ugly.

Up the marvelous run up we went and I started to attack and pick people off.  I did not want to lose sight of the main group.

As we entered a real rough field section someone did not like my progression through the field and as I passed on the inside he took me out.  I tumbled and my bike flew into the air and landed in the middle of the course.  Riders started to hit it and I rushed to get it out of the way. I had hurt my leg,  I assumed the chase.

A couple laps later I lost sight of the group but I progressed through the pack and was still picking riders off.  The field was around 18 strong so I had plenty to pick off. On the downhill my chain jumped over the chain guard and completely off the front rings and crank.  I had to dismount and fix it.

I was passed by a strong rider. It took me a lap or so to chase this guy down but when I did it forced me to elevated my game.  Then I dropped my chain into the chain keeper.  I was quick to put it on.

I kept working my way up and took another spill, this time sliding across the grass as if I was in a football game and I just dove for a catch. I remounted and continued.  With two laps to go John Curry lapped me.  I hung my head, here we go again with getting lapped.

I decided to follow him to see how fast he was going. This elevated my game once more and I was able to overtake him and un-lap myself and get back on the lead lap.  In the end there were only 5 of us left on the lead lap and that is very good news as far as my performance.  I finished 5th, which is better than I expected.  I finished with some fast guys.  Here is the rundown.

  1. John Curry
  2. Jeff Proctor
  3. Frank Gonzalis
  4. Scott Herzig
  5. Me

Stay tuned and come back as I have planned some posts including photos from the MORS Awards and some season wrap ups.  Take care and ride hard.

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