From The Director of M.O.R.S.

By Dave Peck: The 2007 MORS series is complete and our awards ceremony is Sunday Oct. 7. Please attend the 2007 MBRA awards at Pablo’s Pizza and Tap House in Butte from 1:30 to 4:00 pm. We will raffle off swag, present Championship awards,and wet our whistle. Among the giveaways, will be Bridgedale Socks and Optic Nerve Sunglasses. If there are any Montana retailers or reps that would like to contribute products for the enhancement of our awards ceremony, please contact Dave Peck as soon as possible. Our dedicated athletes, will appreciate your support.

Congratulations to our champions. A list of top three point winners in each category are listed below. For a complete look at final standings, please visit

1st place William Martin- 120 points
2nd place John Curry- 95.5 points
3rd place Alex Lussier- 67 points

1st place Lisa Curry- 62.5 points
2nd place Amy Chiuchiolo- 62 points

1st place Rich Chandler- 110 points
2nd place Josh Crutcher- 84 points
3rd place Guy Mackenzie- 62 points

1st place Lydia Brown- 130 points
2nd place Susan Sheard- 83 points


1st place Emily Brown-118 points

Championship points were given for best five (5) results and those racers with fewer than five races, do not qualify. Additionally, two (2) points were earned by a few competitors for volunteering during a MORS event.

The winner of MORS Team Competition is GAS/ Intrinsik by a landslide with 406 points. Runner up in the team competition is Montana Junior Cycling Federation with 216 points. Nice work Juniors! The team competition award is a team dinner compliments of Montana Ale Works in Bozeman. Sorry there’s no second place award for runner up.

A bright spot for MORS in 2007 was five downhill events. There were 70 DH competitors at this years Lone Peak Revenge. If we can convince downhill racers to join MBRA, we can strive for a championship series.

If the MORS series provided you with a thrill and some satisfaction, please tell your buddies or pass the word about your racing experience. Our attendance was down this year and we must work together to promote our sport.

Thanks to Charla Carter and her team of volunteers in Red Lodge for running a successful event with multiple races and activities on the weekend of September 15 and 16.

I want to express my appreciation to all of MBRA board members, race officials, MORS sponsors and race volunteers for their support in making MORS successful and in particular thanks to John Coulthard (statistician), Al Prendergrass (web master) and Don Russell (chief offical).



Racers, thank you very much for participating in the 2007 MORS series!

~Dave Peck

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