Beer Run Tonight : TNR Report

Hello from my apartment where it takes me 3 minutes to move 3 feet. Is it a hangover? Well, no! Well partly, but not mostly. Last night was the TNR (Thursday Night Ride) at the Blue Mountain Recreation Area. Everyone that showed up was packing Double Hauls and expecting a post ride party to celebrate my winning of the Montana Off Road Series. Mother Nature also showed up with cold rainy weather. It was decided that we would do a short loop and head down to the Kettle House.

The ride was great! We headed West (trail 3.01) through the trails that go through the fields and over to the Blue Mountain Road (gravel). Then we climbed up some wooded singletrack (trail 3.11) and over to a vista overlooking Missoula (trail 6.03 [I think] to 3.05). From the top we descended on some new single-track (not on map yet) that flowed down some switch-backs, side-hill single-track and mild technical rocky sections. We returned to the cars on trail 3.07.

The 55 minute ride was perfect and we raced into town to the Kettlehouse. From there it was Double Hauls and “Cheers … clink”. The boys presented me with a growler of Double Haul for winning the series. Thanks Everyone!

Now it is morning and I can barely move. The car needs unpacked of its muddy bike and gear as well as beer and victory growler. My back has disabled me to small movements and questions on whether or not I will be able to cross race next week. I must pull it together thought as tonight is the 3rd Annual Beer Run.

Two years ago Larry and I rode our bikes to the Kettle House for a beer. Last year we had a half dozen riders as we started at Bayern Brewery, then to the KHouse, and then on to every bar downtown we could find. This year the details are:

TIME: 5:00
START PLACE: Kettle House
NOTES: Meet at the KHouse between 5 and 5:30. We will ride to Bayern Brewery and then back before heading out to phase two downtown which may include food, dancing, yahoo(ing), and riding; definitely will include BEER … The Beer Run!

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