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The Wisdom River Gallery showcases a quality selection of Montana art and photography, antiques and collectibles, handcrafted furniture, vintage western fashions for both men and women, and Made-in-Montana native crafts. Their web site presents a fraction of the many items currently on display in their store.

While I was working and searching for items pertaining to Montana I happened upon a picture that I had taken.  After reading the article [read article here] I realized it was this site featuring my site.  I am proud and honored to grace another’s site.  So go give this place a try, stop in, buy some stuff!

I must note that not only my site is gracing theirs but my friend Paul Bardis is now “Biking The Montana Backcountry”  (that’s him in the picture).  Actually this picture looks like an adventure picture but in reality he was building a fort out of stone.

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