Please Help Me!

My parents are setting off to visit me this next week.  They are willing to stay in Missoula for three weeks and I have planned some memorable stuff for us to do (may be the last time we meet up).  I have not seen them in almost 5 years. They can not stay with me and I told them I would rent a place for them.  So they will be able to visit only if I can find a place for three (or even two) weeks. Otherwise they will visit for a weekend and move on to Roundup.

My problem is that I have not been able to find a place within my ability to pay for it. The best I can do is put them up at Jellystone Park in one of those little cabins! Can you help me [click here] ! Let me know if you know of any place I can put them up at a reasonable price.  I also welcome any ideas that I am not thinking of.  I tend to go blank when I panic!  So if you can suggest something that would be great.  thanks!

Your Thoughts

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