Billings Motor Sports

Hello from my apartment in Missoula Montana as I prepare for today’s trip to Idaho.  I have laundry to do as well as a training ride so today will be real packed with excitement and chores.  Before I leave town I am struggling to keep up with pictures taken and this batch gets me 50% up to snuff. I still have Sunday’s bike races to get up but in the meantime here are some photos for your breakfast.

These photos were taken Saturday afternoon when my uncle took me to the races.  I was in town (Billings) for Sunday’s Beat the Heat MTB race and there was no better way to get my head into the racing game than attend a dirt track for some racing action.  In the end I had consumed a polish sausage, a bag of burned popcorn, and plenty sunshine.  Oh yea!  And 200+ photos. I hope the ones that I decided to keep are enough, you be the judge


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