Georgetown Lake Race Shortened

Hello from the Green Hanger where I finish up my chores this morning before going riding in the nice new sun shine.  I say nice and new because lately we have not seen good weather.  Yesterday’s race sucked due to the conditions and the only good thing to come out of it was a nice relaxing drive through the Pintlers [see photos].

I woke up Saturday (yesterday) late because for some reason the alarm decided to not wake me up.  I decided to ditch the dog and camping plans to rush out to Anaconda for the start of the race.  The drive was awesome and I vowed to stop on the way home to take it all in.  I arrived and with some difficulty finding the registration area finally arrived.

After registering I broke my seat post.  I got my money back and prepared to leave and go back home.  I was pissed! Fellow racers John, Lisa, and Al scrounged up some washers and post parts so I regained my number and set out on a fixing session.  I was able to rig a situation where I could sit on my seat but it was an inch lower and the nose was high.  At least I would get to race.

I signed up in Masters A (see previous blog) and we rolled out at a very very slow pace.  The wind was high, in our face, and kept the temps in the 40s.  When we reached the turn around point we would be encountering 28 degree temperatures.  I was planning on a great climb to the lake from Anaconda and making my move in the middle of it. This would be my only chance because the race was shortened due to the previous day’s storm which dumped 10 inches of snow on Georgetown Lake.  The roads were not plowed and we had to just go up to the dam and tun around.

The conditions also made the field very small.  Most of my friends did not show up and I found myself without any mentors.  The only guy I knew was John and I took tips from him and urged him to let me work for a win in his favor.  He had been in a car accident this winter and was just coming back from some injuries.  He commented that he was not ready to make a winning move.

It seemed like just moments before the first lake came into view.  I panicked!  What happened to the anticipated climb?  I missed my opportunity because from the first lake to Georgetown Lake was pretty flat and so was the ride around to the dam.  I was out of climb and everyone was fresh.  I decided that John would be the challenge …. could I help him win?

I started attacking every 5 minutes.  I launched attacks on every incline.  I countered every counter attack.  I attacked on the descents. Since there was not long climb for me to break away from the pack I knew I could not break apart the group.  The course was also short so I was running out of time for myself, but I could wear everyone down so that John could go for the win.  I attacked and attacked … then let them catch back on.

At one point near the end I opened a small gap but I was too fried to stay away.  So I attacked until the final corner. John was right there and I asked how he felt.  He said that he was strong and I knew that we could pull it off.  I surged at the final corner and went wide as John pushed through low.  I let off the gas and he sprinted forward.  Everyone expected me to sprint but I sat up and waited.  Everyone surged after John but it was too late.  I screamed “Go John, Go”!  He held them off.  Congratulations john!

As I look back I am disappointed that I coasted in and did not sprint for better position.  I forgot I was in the race and was watching the action.  I lead most of the race and pushed a pace so hard no one could break away.  I had controlled the race and lead out a rider but in the end I finished pretty much last place.  Training for me and the mountain bike season is coming soon!

So there you have it, my low down on yesterday’s race. As you can see I posted pictures of Georgetown Lake.  Feel free to go to the gallery to post comments and even order or download them to your Picassa application.  Most of all get out and enjoy the rest of the weekend.  As soon as I get tout of here, I am!

One side note! I have a set of Neuvation Wheels.  My bearings in the front felt weird so I emailed the owner John Neugent.  He just emailed me back saying that he is sending me new bearings, now that is support.  I am happy with my wheels and the customer service is awesome!  Check out the site!

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