Drunkin Summer Sausage Party

Good morning from the Break Espresso . I have had two cups of coffee and a roll already and now my computer has finally started. This morning I awoke with a head ache after last nights big “drunken summer sausage party”.

You see I had thawed out a summer sausage for the super bowl party this weekend and it was sitting in the fridge awaiting the festivities. I came home from work last night and was absolutely fried. I knew I was approaching the clearing at the end of the path so I grabbed some wine.

After walking the dog I poured another. The week was so stressful. I had an opportunity to do web work and wanted to get caught up on some projects that on paper looked easy. Unfortunately my code wasn’t the problem. We had problems in the hosting department. It seemed everything was going wrong and in the end I feel like I did not get to a point I wanted to be and feel comfortable.

So there I was on a Friday starring at the wall wondering what to do next. When would I become human again and start the weekend festivities. By now it appeared that I was going to do nothing else that night so I decided to eat all that I could and enjoy it before the 6 PM FSD (food stoppage deadline; If you do not know what this is you are not a frequent reader of this blog). And there is was! The summer sausage!

It was there for me when nothing else was. No food in the house, what is a man to do? In about 30 minutes the entire thing was gone along with a half bottle of mustard. I feel asleep.

So this morning I had a headache quite possibly a mustard hangover. It is cold and frosty today and I hope to get out to ski possibly. Of course I have plenty chores to do since I stumbled last night into the arms of wine, food, and a snuggly pillow. I must get caught up.

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