Hello From Lambert

Hello! I am finally here in Lambert, Montana. The roads were a nightmare! I left after work on Thursday and finally arrived here at 2PM this evening. Everything went well until Butte, where I hit black ice all the way to Big Timber. I called my aunt in Billings and she said that she would wait up, so I continued.

A ridgeline of dread

Finally, after driving another leg to Billings at a maximum of 40 mph, the black ice still covered the roads. I stayed the night in Billings before moving on East. It took me another 6 hours and just when I thought I drove the worst icy conditions ever … it got worse. I was driving at 40 mph and still drifting off the road. When I would stop, I could not get going again.

But I finally made it, and now we are all enjoying uncle Dave’s 60th birthday. There are around 60 people in the garage. I thought I would take a break to blog that I have arrived safe and sound. I’ll call all you people I promised tomorrow. Until then. Goodnight from Lambert.

Your Thoughts

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