Last Bike Race

Hello from Break Espresso where I am just about to leave and go to the last bike race of the year (Unless I go to Oregon). Today is the last race in the Montana State Cyclocross Race Series here in Missoula Montana. The race is being held at the old fort at noon.

I am in good standing to take the win of the series if I finish half way decent. I would really like to go for the win just in case a friend or two shows up in the frigid weather to watch me race. I am in great form.

last night I went up in Pattee Canyon to practice my form and had the best workout to date. I mounted and dismounted with a fluidity that I have never experienced. Cyclocross is really a beautiful sport.

My health is anyones guess because I woke up this morning with a headache. I do know I can not get my heart rate up to where it was during the mountain bike season. But I am fast on the cyclocross bike and that is all that matters.

Have a good weekend everyone and if you find yourself near the old fort here in Missoula please come by and see me race. I would love to see you there.

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