Going to Helena Tomorrow

crossHello from my apartment in Missoula Montana. I am getting ready for a trip to Helena for tomorrows MBRA Cross Race #7 which will be held at Centennial Park. The race starts at noon so maybe it will be as warm as it can get this time of year.

today was a full day indeed. It all started at the Break Espresso naturally. From there I went and did laundry and also rounded up some groceries. After running out of money I came home to find my site off line.

What does one do when they get upset. I say go for a bike ride. I went up into Pattee Canyon to do my special Pattee Cross circuit. I took Marcy and I did a half hour of jumping and running over barriers. I felt rough at the start but soon got the ol rhythm back.

So here I sit in between messes in my apartment. I need to get this poop in a group and prepare to take off on one of the last three races of the season. to be honest i am finally getting excited. Oh yea! And the Web Lodge? It will be up for now as I found out why the site was going down all day.

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