Morning Before the Race

I just got a cup of coffee going but this morning I am out of soy creamer so I put a little soy milk in my brew. Yuck! Oh well, what can you do. Tonight after work is the first Cyclocross race of the season. I don’t have time to get nervous because I go right to the starting line from work. I get out of work at 5 and the race begins sometime after 5:30. Work has become stressful so I don’t have to worry about thinking about anything but what I have to grab as I walk out after quitting.

Last night’s Online Meeting was a pretty big success as I won the bowling tourney and chatted with a couple users. there were 4 of us chatting. One topic was what we should do now that the entire world hates us as a country. Some recommendations were to get rid of our nukes, stay out of other countries business, knowing thy neibourough (who knows how to spell), starting a way to go club, and drinking beer.

Tomorrow is the Thursday Night Ride and we will be doing the Sidewinder Trail. This trail is quite popular so I expect to at least see my comrades one more time as winter approaches and threatens to smother the mountain biking fun. Well it is off to make some breakfast.

Your Thoughts

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