Cyclocross Bike Project

Hello from my apartment in Missoula where I sit enjoying (as much as you can do before a stressful job) a cup of coffee. I am about to get up and start breakfast preparations. Before I do that I thought I would blog my latest project … a Cyclocross bike. This fall I want to do the Cyclocross series here in Missoula . So out goes my road bike and most of its parts will be going on the psycho bike.

A bike should start with a frame and that is where this saga begins. I spent most of the day labor Day scouring the web for a Cyclocross bike buy. All seemed hopeless until I remembered a frame company that I read about called Fetish Cycles . I went to their site and found that their Cyclocross bike was $800.00. So much for that idea.

Their Cyclocross frame is called Ankh . I don’t know what that means and maybe I don’t want to.

Our newest frame the ankh, is the vamp of Cyclocross from our custom Double-butted aluminum, this frame is made to take any abuse you can imagine Or create the sculptured top tube is designed for rigidity and shock absorption. Compatible with disc and v-brakes, the ankh will allow the tire of your dreams. It will accept a 45mm wide tire with plenty of room for mud to pass. The new fetish Cycles ankh is a lush ride that will never disappoint.

I found someone on ebay selling this frame brand new for $199.00 so I placed the bid. I had a very uneasy feeling at this idea but it was too late. I never won an item before just used the Buy Now feature. I won the bid.

So that is where this story begins, with the frame. Here are the parts I must scrape together (If anyone has some used that I can buy off them let me know):

  • fork (Cyclocross)
  • cantilever brakes
  • cables/housings
  • shifter/brake (possibly handle bar mount shifters … or grip shift)
  • stem (don’t know yet, maybe not)
  • headset (don’t know yet, maybe not)
  • bar tape

Your Thoughts

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