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Bitterroot Resort Race

Today's race was held at the proposed Bitterroot Resort (a plan to make money selling real estate ) which is built on Tom McClay's land. Today was the second to the last race in the MORS Series . With light smoke in the air we climbed and climbed as the beginners did a 20 minute lap (they really got ripped off).

The expert loop took us to the top where Tom's land buts up against the Forest Service land (Carlton Ridge). We then went down a "Old School" section. The race director calls it "Old School" but most of us call it a bushwhack. Then at the middle of the mountain we climb back up to make a pretty fast decent to the finish line.

This course has potential but today it sucked. All that said I was in heaven. This was my kind of race. An 8 mile climb followed by a 3 mile climb … I loved it. I actually climbed pretty well and with a little work on keeping with the leaders at the beginning of the race I could be a contender (providing the course is like today). I call this type of course the race of truth. You either are in shape or you are not. At the top of the climb the truth came out.

I finished around 7th while my friends tallied better results (1,2 and 3). Next week we go to Helena for the final race in the series. What is next? cyclo-cross!

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